Sunday, 7 June 2009

Travis Millard

Last but by no means least in my series of interviews about 'illustrators on self publishing' is Travis Millard.

Why did you decide to start publishing your own work?

i've always been into drawing, but didn't try to make my first zine until i was out of high school. a friend was into the culture and passed me an old Comet Bus issue, urging me to try and make one. i had a few weird comics i was doing, and tried putting one together, which got good reviews from my drunk friends, so i tried another and so on.

What is your favourite and least favourite aspects about this process?

i'm not sure, i kind of like everything about the process. sometimes it can get tedious and take long hours to finish everything off, but the rewards outweigh the downers for me.

How would you say your personal publishing projects have affected the commercial side of your work?

the zines i publish are generally a platform for my personal meanderings, but i think it's those meanderings that end up cultivating the commercial work that might come in.

How important do you think fanzine's and self published books are as a platform for new illustrators and designers?

i think it gives you the opportunity to hone your craft by yourself, for yourself. you can review your work in print while sharing it with others, and by that you're getting it in front of people and growing as an artist.

What is your take on how the internet is changing the distribution of the medium?

the internet has taken some of the mystery out of things, but it's also connecting artists to an infinite audience... i'd say it's a pretty wonderful tool.

Finally where do you think the future of the medium will lead?

i don't know, but the sky's the limit kid!

Thanks to Travis for his A's to my Q's and to to see more of his drawings or to buy any of his zines check out

I hope anyone reading this has enjoyed all of my interviews as much I did.

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