Sunday, 7 June 2009

Daniel Cantrell

You know the drill by now, another interview in my 'illustrators on self publishing' series.

For this one I have interviewed Daniel Cantrell AKA The Horror. I've mentioned his work before on my blog an I thought he would be an ideal person to interview as not only does he produce s
ome of the most hillariously deranged artwork but also publishes the zine Good vs. Evil.

Why did you decide to start publishing your own zine?

I started publishing after I did a collab on a picture with Hiromi Nakajima. The theme was Good vs Evil and I liked the title so decided to make it into a zine. I was originally just going to photocopy it at work but because the images were so nice I decided to get it printed.

What are your favourite and least favourite aspects about this process?

Best thing is getting artists to do work on the theme and seeing what they produce. I also enjoy finding new artists and people who are doing strange things. Worst thing is selling the magazine. Everyone wants to be in it but no one wants to buy it. It hurts to think people prefer buying corporate cocksuck mags rather than ones that are actually tryng to do something interesting.

How would you say your personal publishing projects
have affected your own work?

I guess in the sense of seeing such great work has made me up my game. I don't want my work to be weak in the magazine.

How important do you think fanzine's and self published books are as a platform for new illustrators and designers?

I like fanzines as they promote work you won't see in mainstream publications. Like Le Dernier Cri prints such strange work that we wouldn't see anywhere else. Without these independents it would be so bland and we'd just get work that looks like the artist that is popular that month. Fanzines can help people get their work seen. Not to a mass audience but to an audience that has a similar passion and thinking to you.

What is your take on how the internet is changing the distribution of the medium?

Well, the internet helps to find a base for the magazine. It helps you find like minded people that not only will buy your magazine but will contribute to it. It provides a way to connect us all.

Finally where do you think the future of the medium will lead?

Well now there is talk of online magazines taking over. That printed magazines will die out. I hope this isn't the case as an online is a very poor cousin of a printed magazine. To hold and be tangible is different than just viewing online. In the future I can see that fanzines audiences will get smaller and smaller as the power of the big mags increases. There will be no innovation just a million copies of other copies. With Good vs Evil selling 1 copy a year!

Thanks to Daniel for a
nswering all my questions and to see more of his work visit or go and buy yourself a copy of 'good vs evil' that would be much appreciated seeing as he has had all the money for issue 3 pinched out of his paypal account by some crafty bollock. click on to get one.

Next up we have Tom Gauld

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